Flex Your Happiness Muscle

IMG_2460Everybody, all 7 billion people residing on our planet have one thing in common – we all seek happiness. We all want to be happy and yet most of us are not. How is it possible that all of us want one fundamental thing- to be happy and yet so many of us struggle. Such a paradox.

I am reviving my blog after 3 long years. Happy to be back. And what better way to restart the blog on a happy note. So today, let’s talk about happiness, the happiness muscle.

Notice I say happiness muscle. Just like any other muscle, if we want to build any muscle we need to flex them, we need to exercise. Similarly if you want to strengthen your happiness muscle, you need to practice exercising it more often and on a regular basis. And the only way to practice is to be happy more often. Find happiness in small things. Be happy and spread happiness around you. Infect people with your happy bug.

Let’s build some happiness muscles together. Promise yourself, commit to yourself that you will choose to be happy from now on wards, no matter what.
11046517_10153073178214336_4514751256539990547_nYes, things may get a little dicey sometime but that’s okay. But for majority of the times, commit to be happy, not to me but to yourself. Every morning as you wake up, look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself of the commitment and cultivate happiness.

Wishing you happy times ahead.

Your Happiness Messenger,
Yayati 🙂


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